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WWII era Canvas Carryall - SOLD

Worn-in canvas salvaged from a 1950's era boyscout duffel bag has been paired with a WWII era US Navy sea bag and transformed into a durable everyday carryall.

The material used to construct this bag is over 60 years old but still in the most wonderful condition. Printing and stitching from the original canvas has been incorporated into this tote to highlight the unique nature of the material. Any discoloration of the fabric is the result of many years of natural wear and aging.

Fully lined with sturdy olive colored cotton, this large carryall is just the right size for carrying everything you need - your laptop, groceries from the farmers market, library books etc. Two good-sized inside pockets as well as two outer pockets can easily hold a cell phone, wallet, ipod, etc.

Straps made from recycled military issue cotton webbing and detailed with a medium brown, oil tanned leather. 

Bag measures approximately 20 inches wide, 13 inches tall, 5 inches deep.

Much time and care is put into making every Forestbound bag one of a kind.