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Wood Fired NH Maple Syrup

Produced on a 140 acre family farm in New Hampshire that is owned & operated by Alice's brother in law, our wood fired maple syrup is the purest and most delicious that you'll find. As our family casually refers to it - this is liquid gold.

Over 200 old growth maple trees are tapped on the farm to collect the sap that flows only one time per year. The processing method developed by Wellinghall farm creates a unique all-natural maple flavor profile that is above and beyond anything you might find on the shelves of the grocery store.  

This amber syrup has a deep flavor and a buttery rich texture. It's the most versatile syrup grade and is a perfect choice for pouring on waffles or yogurt, for using in coffee or cocktails, or for adding to your homemade BBQ sauce. The options are endless and will never disappoint!

8oz bottle.

Vegan. Gluten Free. All Natural. Unparalleled flavor.

*Refrigerate after opening*