Alice Saunders started Forestbound from her living room in Boston during the winter of 2007. Driven by her passion for history and vintage textiles, she created Forestbound to tell the stories of the reclaimed materials that she had been uncovering at flea markets and estate sales throughout New England. Alice’s designs are both timeless and unique; highlighting special pieces of history that she hopes to bring back into the present through memorable products and intentional craftsmanship.

“Hermès has the Birkin, Fendi has the Baguette, and Forestbound has the Escape bag. What began as a brand known for totes and carryalls made from vintage military textiles has turned into an internationally recognized label with an iconic bag copied by the likes of Forever 21 and Anthropologie.” Boston Magazine, 2018

Forestbound's wildly popular ESCAPE Canvas Utility Bag is inspired by the many perfectly worn-in old canvas tool bags that Alice has collected from flea markets and estate sales over the last two decades. The hope is that the ESCAPE Bag inspires you to pack it full of only the simple necessities and set out for a weekend long adventure; unplugging from the daily noise and connecting with the outdoors. 

Alice has also become widely known for her off grid cabin in the woods of New Hampshire. Here Alice and her partner, Greg, employ an ethos of living minimally and mindfully; working with mostly found and salvaged materials, making mindful decisions based around the land, and creating minimal waste. These same principles are applied daily at the Forestbound studio; both in the products created and the processes used to craft the mostly one of a kind pieces.

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