Forestbound was started by Alice Saunders in 2007 and is a small operation based out of Somerville, Massachusetts. We do it all ourselves here in the studio - the designing, cutting, sewing, shipping .. it all takes place under one roof. 

We used found and salvaged textiles to create our unique line of tote bags and carryalls, Forestbound Originals. We do this in hopes of bringing a piece of history back into the spotlight with every new item we create. Many hours are spent scouring the Northeast for the storied textiles that we use in our bags. And many more hours are dedicated to thoughtfully and carefully reworking these materials into something new you can use every single day.

Our ESCAPE Canvas Utility Bag line is inspired by the many perfectly worn-in, vintage canvas tool bags that we have uncovered at flea markets and estate sales throughout the years. With this line we hope to create timeless, go-to pieces that pay tribute to all those beautiful canvas bags from days of old.  

We hope that the bags we make here at Forestbound can accompany you for many years; honoring the past and creating a new story everywhere you take them. 

Proudly 100% made in the USA.