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Fabric Face Mask - Olive

*Please note that these masks are for preorder, they will ship within 7-10 days of purchase. Thank you!

Our fabric masks are made from two layers of 100% cotton. They are secured with elastic loops that fit behind the ears. The elastic we're using is lightweight and comfortable, does not cause ear irritation. One size fits most adults.

Our masks are made with pleats so the size is expandable. It might look small when you first open it, but the mask will double in size when the pleats are pulled open. You want the mask to cover the area from the middle of your nose to below your chin. The mask should always be covering your nose & mouth completely.


We want everyone to be able to purchase a mask and hope to achieve this by offering them on a sliding scale. Please choose the price that you are comfortable paying. 

All money raised from fabric mask sales will be donated to the Loving Communities Response Fund. Your mask purchase is a donation to this incredible organization.

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Wash your hands before putting on your mask and after you take it off. Make sure the masks fits tight against your face. Try to not adjust the fabric mask while wearing.

Hand wash in hot water with detergent and air dry after each use.

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Fabric masks are now recommended for all to wear when leaving your home to help prevent the spread of disease but they are not a substitute for N95 or medical grade masks. Please remember that fabric masks alone do not give enough protection to completely prevent the spread of disease; they need to be used in conjunction with frequent hand washing and social distancing. Fabric masks are also a great way to remind us to stop touching our faces! 

All masks are considered personal items. For sanitation reasons, we are not accepting returns or refunds on any of our mask products.

Please Note: These non-medical masks are NOT direct substitutes for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are NOT FDA approved.